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TikTok videos are full of ‘beekeeping age’ comments and it’s actually a nice compliment

Pedro Pascal is the king of beekeeping age x

People on TikTok have taken to calling others “beekeeping age” in comment sections and it’s got everyone wondering what the hell it means. TikTok is known for being the home to loads of cryptic comments that we never really discover the true meaning of. For those that haven’t seen it yet, a few people have called Pedro Pascal “beekeeping age” so you already know it’s going to be a compliment because he is a beautiful man.

The phrase “beekeeping age” is usually targeted at older dads who have a certain look. Here’s everything we know about “beekeeping age” and what it actually means.

Where did ‘beekeeping age’ come from on TikTok?

In one TikTok video comment section, people are calling a guy “beekeeping age” without explaining what it means. But originally the term came from Rick and Morty – specifically season four episode seven when Morty’s older sister, Summer, is seen hanging out with her friend Tricia. From the window Tricia spots Summer’s dad beekeeping and says “he’s obviously beekeeping age.” The scene ends with Tricia admitting she fancies Summer’s dad.

What does ‘beekeeping age’ mean?


hes obviously bee keeping age #fyp #rickandmorty

♬ original sound – Landing Kolley

“Beekeeping age” is actually a compliment. If someone calls another person “beekeeping age” then it basically means they find that person attractive for their age.

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