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These 23 UK emergency alert memes and reactions prove just how silly everything is to us

My emergency alert says it’s time to slay!

The majority of phones in the UK have received an emergency alert from the UK government as part of a nationwide test and it caused absolute bedlam. This test was the first of its kind to ever happen and it didn’t go quite to plan.

No one is really sure if we should have taken the test seriously or not but either way the memes were perfect. Here’s a rundown of the best reactions and memes from Twitter to the emergency alert.

1. ‘She will be playing the alert’

2. We’re all thick

3. Shook

4. Could we be less arsed?

5. Thanks Rishi, babes x

6. Fuming

7. Art

8. ‘Oh I’m sorry but it ain’t on’

— Aaron Bumby (@Aaron_Bumby) April 23, 2023

— 𝓗𝓪𝓻𝓿𝓮𝔂 (@EdgeOfUnravel) April 23, 2023

10. Bored

11. Spooky 🙁

12. Emergency Jervis

13. This will never not be funny

14. Just imagine

15. Time to slay!

16. HA

17. Now this is the only emergency alert I want

18. Petrified doesn’t cut it

19. Where is she!!

20. A live visual

21. Pretty bleak to be British and a Spurs fan yesterday


23. I’m screaming

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