What is the BeReal app and why is everyone suddenly using it?

This is perfect if you’re nosey x

The BeReal app is slowly taking over the lives of everyone who downloads it. It’s gaining so much popularity, but what actually is it? Everyone is talking about it, so if you’ve got FOMO or you’re just desperately clawing at attempting to stay youthful – here’s everything you need to know about the BeReal social media app that’s taking over.

BeReal is a social media app which lets you see what your mates are doing

It’s pretty similar to Snapchat in the sense that you can quickly take pictures and send them off. But the difference is that it’s only one daily photo which disappears the next time the app notifies you to take a new one the day after. Plus the notification to post can come at literally any moment and it only allows you two minutes to post something. It gets even more savage though because your followers can even see how many retakes you did and even get notified if you post something late.

It’s nothing like Instagram

The name of the app BeReal says it all, really. The app physically doesn’t let you edit your photos and influencers on the app don’t exist. When it’s time to post a photo, the app will notify you saying “Time to BeReal”. Then you open the app and you’re greeted with the front camera showing your face. You’re only able to see other people’s photos once you have posted your own BeReal.

So yeah, if you’re doing nothing when you get notified to post, you can upload it later but be aware your followers will get told you’ve posted late. Remember to BeReal!!!!


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