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People on TikTok found a quiz that tells you which type of girl you are and it’s everything

I want star girl or nothing at all

TikTok has another new quiz and it determines what type of girl you are. It’s a personality quiz and to be honest, it’s self explanatory. You’ll answer a bunch of questions in the quiz and then you’ll find out what type of girl you are. You’ll have answers like “Star girl” which says you’re “bright, enthusiastic and loud. You bring a ball of energy wherever you go and it attracts people to you. You’re outgoing and your smile is contagious.”

Recently we had a bunch of personality and dating quizzes come from TikTok but this one is for the girlies only. This is everything you need to know about the TikTok quiz which determines what type of girl you really are.

what type of girl are you quiz

Here’s how to take the ‘What type of girl are you?’ quiz

• Head over to the Uquiz website

• Enter your name and start the quiz

• Answer eight questions that come on screen

• Once you complete the quiz your results with appear

Here are the questions you get asked:

• What’s your zodiac sign?

• Pick a colour

• Pick an accessory

• You want to add some colour to your lips, what are you picking?

• Pick a season

• What’s most important to you?

• Where would you like to live?

• Pick a random picture

There are six options for which type of girl you are. There’s star girl, rain girl, moon girl, cloud girl, sun girl and snow girl. I want star girl or nothing, end of.

You can find and take the “What type of girl are you?” quiz here.

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