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Chrishell Nicole selling sunset drama

A rundown of the drug accusation drama between Selling Sunset’s Chrishell and Nicole

Nicole threatened to sue Chrishell omg

Selling Sunset season six dropped on Netflix last week and we all saw newcomer, Nicole Young, join the show and immediately have drama with Chrishell Stause. Nicole argued Chrishell took credit for two of her listings almost three years ago and as a result the two don’t see eye to eye throughout the season. Nicole even says their boss, Jason Oppenheim who previously dated both of them, allowed Chrishell to get away with “stealing” her listings. It’s one big mess.

The tension between Nicole and Chrishell intensifies as the show goes on. During their trip to Palm Springs, Chrishell says Nicole was acting “cracked out” in front of the rest of the girls and even accused her of being on drugs. To be exact, Chrishell said: “I don’t know what is in your drink or what you’re on, but…I’m just saying, I’m good with not having the conversation because it doesn’t seem like there’s only wine in your glass. You’ve acted cracked out all night.” This scene has been dubbed as one of the most iconic scenes in Selling Sunset history and, to be fair, who am I to argue?

Since Chrishell slung out the drug accusations, Nicole has had an interview with People Magazine and she said the whole situation took her a moment to process and she felt “absolutely gutted” by what she was being accused of.

After Chrishell made the accusation, the first thing Nicole said she did was phone her husband and “bawl” her eyes out. She said: “He was kind of the one to talk me off the ledge and bring me back down to earth. He was like, ‘Okay, this is what you should do. Get a drug test first thing tomorrow.’ He was my life saver in that scenario.”

The next day Nicole told Mary and Chelsea that she had gone for a drugs test and consulted her attorney. Later at dinner, Nicole brought up the drug topic and told Chrishell her test came back negative and she had consulted her legal team.

I can already tell this Nicole and Chrishell Selling Sunset drama is going to carry this season and the reunion. Inject it!

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