Predicting who from MAFS Australia season 10 will thrive and who will flop now it’s over

Janelle is about to pop off and I know it

Now we have reached the end of MAFS Australia season 10 and it was a truly wild season. We have a good feel for what the cast are like in real life. And it goes without saying but the majority of them predicted to not thrive are the ben who cheated, gaslit and butt dialled.

Here’s a rundown of who is going to thrive and who is going to have the hardest flop.


I hate to say it but Harrison will use MAFS to his advantage. He’ll go back to his day job I’m sure but also I can’t imagine he will do badly out of being the show’s biggest male villain. He’s already got a new girlfriend so he’s not doing badly now!

He’s the type of MAFS guy who will start and OnlyFans in a few years and he will be in every MAFS headline ever. The press will be stalking.


I’ve put Adam here and not last because chances are he will find another reality TV dating show to go on and continue his fame hungry search for love. He might have more success but it’s very, very unlikely.


Josh was sweet but he’s destined for a quiet and wholesome life. Going on MAFS was too much for him, I’m still not convinced he knew what he was getting himself into.


He doesn’t deserve to thrive, end of.


Look, I get that it’s been all men so far but can you really blame me when we had this season 10 cast to work with? At the start Dan was really nice but he threw his relationship with Sandy in the bloody bin so unfortunately for him he will struggle when it comes to thriving post MAFS! Also after that butt dialling drama, who can reaaaally trust him?


Meet Melissa: Married at First Sight Season 10, Short Video

Meet Melissa: Married at First Sight Season 10, Short Video

Ah yes, the evil Cameron. He started off so strong and I’m talking like Ollie levels of strong. But then came the hug drama, his work drama and just everything else. He’s a nice guy but needs to be more upfront. I feel like he will just go back to his normal life.


Jesse messed it up big time when he listened to Harrison’s advice about the Claire situation. It told me everything I needed to know, he lacks a crumb of independence and that’s that.


MAFS is a heavily edited show and I wouldn’t be shocked to hear of her getting a villain edit but equally she won’t thrive after MAFS. She might get a few crap brand deals here and there but apart from that she’s not really someone to connect with.


I’ll always be the first to say Claire is cool. But unfortunately when she kissed Adam she ruined it for herself.


Tayla was pretty evil with Hugo but to be honest she’s got what it takes to take her career somewhere. Regardless of how she was edited, she’s definitely got what it takes to thrive after MAFS. She will be sure to keep her name in headlines and it’s quite iconic.


Hugo was dead boring, he will undoubtedly slip under the radar. I will forget about him in two working days.


Layton will thrive for as long as he’s with Melinda, harsh but true.


I felt so bad for Lyndall. She deserves someone who wanted to make it work with her and not someone who gave her a half arsed attitude. She’ll thrive, but not in brand work, she’ll fall in love and live her dream life. This is me manifesting!


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Beyond headlines, I’m not sure what Duncan has coming for him. Jokes! Roll out the red carpet for this man. He has every woman in the world wanting to marry him. His Instagram will be full of people thirsting over him and who can blame them? He’s a king!


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Sandy is a legend. She deserves nothing but the world and for that reason she will thrive. She’s got the best fan base behind her.


Melinda is going places which is wild considering the places she’s already been. She’s an actual powerhouse. I’d go as far to say she is like Karren Brady in her prime.


Bronte is the Molly-Mae Hague of Australia. She will be an unstoppable force and be the name in every headline going. Bronte will dominate the podcast scene and talk shit about every person to ever cross her. She will become the type of influencer who posts question boxes all the time and gives out their shit advice but it keeps us coming back. She’s a force to be reckoned with. Icon.


Tahnee will pop off on TikTok. She’ll become a viral sensation and her relationship with Ollie will be the one we all end up dreaming of.


MAFS 2023 Exclusive: Tahnee and Ollie reveal the adorable way they first said 'I love you' to each other after Final Vows | Married At First Sight Season 10

Ollie is potentially the sweetest guy to join MAFS ever. He will lap up all the post MAFS brand deals for the grooms. I am manifesting he and Tahnee stay happily married forever and become MAFS royalty – it’s so deserved.


Evelyn will make history as one of the most successful MAFS women of all time.


Okay well we all saw this coming didn’t we? I’m seeing a gorgeous husband, her socials taking off and maybe even her own makeup line? Oh and endless brand deals in between. Janelle deserves everything and that’s a fact.

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