Debunking the rumour saying KFC offers free chicken refills if you finish a bucket within an hour

Don’t play with me like this

Right everyone listen up – there is a rumour circulating online claiming KFC has a policy that offers free refills on chicken buckets if you manage to eat an entire one in under an hour. Now if this is true then it’s a game changer but if it’s a vicious bit of fake gossip then someone is going to have a lot to answer for.

Here’s everything we know about the KFC refill policy and whether it’s even true or a nasty little rumour.

Where did the KFC refill policy come from?

It came to our attention after a viral TikTok video with over 19 million views claimed KFC offered free refills on chicken buckets if you can finish the first order within 60 minutes without leaving the restaurant.

The alleged policy apparently says once a customer leaves the restaurant after making the purchase, they can’t return for a refill. The video shows the content creator eating a KFC bucket while seated in the restaurant. After he finished the first bucket, he returns for a refill and a woman behind the counter begins to fill up his bucket free of charge.


KFC Bucket Refill Policy?? 😎🍗

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Is the KFC refill policy a thing in the UK?

Firstly, the TikToker says this policy isn’t available everywhere and he is based in the US. He also alleges it is only available in one of the KFC stores in his region.

Wait, is the KFC refill policy even real?

If you go onto the KFC website, there is nothing about this so-called policy. So it’s safe to say this policy is too good to be true and it’s not real. There is no evidence and there’s nothing to say the first video wasn’t staged. No free chicken for us! Only broken hearts.

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