Inside the disturbing trend behind the catchphrase ‘Wow, that’s awesome’ from TikTok

This is traumatic

Every other TikTok video right now is using the sound saying “Wow, that’s awesome!” It emerged earlier this year but has only recently picked up over the last few days. It sounds pretty wholesome when you hear it but the backstory is actually quite disturbing especially now some users are sharing the effect alongside creepy things they would do as young kids with internet access.

Here’s everything we know about the true story behind the “Wow, that’s awesome” catchphrase from TikTok.

The ‘wow, that’s awesome’ sound first came to TikTok this year

On 18th January 2023, TikToker @cutelittlepet369 posted a video showing a cow slipping on black ice. The video voice isn’t real despite sounding very authentic. It’s actually an AI-generated voice that repeats the phrase “wow, that’s awesome” before screaming “oh my god” and “careful, careful. Finally defeated.”

The video has over 500,000 plays and over 106,000 likes. According to Know Your Meme, the earliest use of the video was posted by @aliexgisawesome on 10th March 2023 with a text overlay that read: “Me at 5-years-old watching back to back biggest tornado videos, deadliest viruses videos, yandere sim videos, inside the mind of a serial killer videos, fnaf lore explained videos, ddlc theory videos, exploring abandoned buildings, Cartoon Network show explained and what happens if (deadly scenario) videos.”

Then the next few videos were posted in the coming days and the audio had spread right across the app. Other people shared the fact they used to look at videos of roller coaster derailments growing up. It’s generally just become a trend where people share the face they viewed content which no child should ever see – it’s preeeeeeetty disturbing and not very awesome.


that’s awesome!

♬ original sound – Cute little pet 💕

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