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Joey Graceffa has footage of him and Colleen Ballinger inappropriately joking taken down

‘His silence is deafening’

Adam McIntyre, a former fan of Colleen Ballinger, has been posting videos exposing Ballinger alleging she groomed and bullied young people in her fan base.

In rumours that first emerged three years ago, Adam claims Colleen’s odd behaviour towards him and other fans made them uncomfortable.

Now Colleen’s friend and fellow YouTuber, Joey Graceffa, has broken his silence in the most low-key way possible.

Joey Graceffa used to lap up Miranda Sings – laughing at every joke Ballinger made and always egging her character on online. However Adam McIntyre recently posted a YouTube video including a clip where Joey Graceffa and Colleen Ballinger share a joke which shows her, dressed as Miranda Sings, thrusting herself on a stuffed animal.

Adam McIntyre tweeted: “Just got a copyright claim on one specific clip in my two hour video that is the only clip that features Joey Graceffa engaging in inappropriate jokes with Colleen Ballinger. YouTube is editing the clip out of the video, but I just want to publicly state that Joey or Colleen doesn’t want this clip seen by the public anymore.”

Joey Graceffa has previously commented on several YouTube dramas publicly. Just last year he posted a video titled: “Gabbie Hanna needs to stop” in the midst of all the Escape the Night drama.

People supporting Adam are claiming the silence from larger creators such as Joey Graceffa and Trisha Paytas is “deafening.”

As a result of all the backlash online, Ballinger lost 30,000 YouTube subscribers within the first week and has since lost out on sponsorship deals.

Updates to follow.

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