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Love Is Blind’s Nick and Danielle have sparked relationship rumours with this coupley selfie

They better make it work because I cba to relive that divorce

Divorced Love Is Blind stars Danielle and Nick have entertained the idea they’ve got back together after posting a coupley photo on Instagram.

Danielle Ruhl and Nick Thompson filed for divorce in 2022 which seemed to be civil at the start but then it got a little bit messy through indirect posts on Instagram. Neither of the pair have openly spoken about new relationships. Since announcing their divorce Danielle opened up about how it was a simple matter of being incompatible, something they didn’t realise until after the show.

In recent months Nick and Danielle have separately been sharing the conditions they experience on Love Is Blind and they have become advocates for better treatment of future stars.

Reports of the two being back together have surfaced after Danielle posted a photo with her ex-husband of them both on the sofa. The image was painfully captioned: “Sup.”

via Instagram

*Contains discussions of mental health and suicide.*

Following sharing their experiences on Love Is Blind, Danielle spoke out about the conditions on set. Nick initially didn’t join her in revealing details but has since started backing her up on his socials.

Last month, Business Insider published a report detailing the experience people had on the show, in which ex-contestants called it “hell on earth” and claimed they have been put through “emotional warfare.” Danielle told the publication she was surprised she passed the psychological screening to get into the cast, since she’d allegedly disclosed a past suicide attempt.

She said she tried to leave the show after having a panic attack, and claims she told producers she didn’t feel mentally stable enough to continue filming. “I kept telling them, ‘I don’t trust myself,” she recalled. “I’ve tried committing suicide before. I’m having suicidal thoughts. I don’t think I can continue in this.’” Producers are said to have convinced Danielle to stay.

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