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Bartise shocked us all by revealing he’s now a dad, so meet the mum of his new baby

His son was born in December omg?

Love Is Blind fans worked out who the mother of Bartise Bowden’s baby was within hours of him announcing he had a son and I am impressed. The Love Is Blind season three villain unexpectedly announced on Instagram he had welcomed his first child with a mystery woman and of course everyone was dying to know who the mum was.

Here’s the identity of the mum to Bartise Bowden’s son

The mother of Bartise’s baby is Olivia Gross, @livgirl432 on TikTok. She reportedly lives in Texas and her Instagram photo shows her posing with her baby.

On 28th January, before going private, Olivia posted several photos of her and Bartise’s son, writing: “Little nugget is one month old today,” meaning their son was born in late December 2022. However Bartise didn’t reveal he had a son until April.

Bartise posted on Instagram: “Might’ve been the villain on TV, but I’m going to be the hero for him.”

Is Bartise from Love Is Blind dating the mother of his child?

Before going private on her TikTok account, when she was pregnant, Olivia posted a video in July announcing she was taken instead of single. She also revealed she was 25-years-old, her Snapchat best friend and her Snapscore before adding she was taken. However neither Liv or Bartise have posted about being in a relationship recently.

If his son was born in December then did Bartise know he was going to be a dad on Love Is Blind?

Okay so according to the mother of his child, she didn’t know she was pregnant until five months into her pregnancy. Plus Love Is Blind season three was filmed in the start of summer in 2021 around July and August. So no, Bartise wasn’t expecting a child at the time he was getting to know Nancy from season three.

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