Inside Molly Marsh’s British YouTuber heavy friendship group she has outside Love Island

The girl’s got connections

Molly Marsh has enough connections to bring together an entire nation of people. Somehow, this year’s Love Island golden girl knows every single British influencer ever and has no issues posting them to her Instagram grid – it’s a little bit iconic.

Before heading into the villa, and before a lot of us knew who she was, we noticed all our favourite influencers wishing her good luck. It was wild. Since then she’s made a name for herself and safely taken her seat as the producers favourite. Now whenever she leaves the villa she’ll be going back to her normal life to be honest, filled with meeting up with her famous mates and going out to boujie events alongside the likes of Maura Higgins and Chicken Shop Date Amelia Dimoldenberg.

Molly Marsh has so many British YouTuber mates

Okay let’s get into it. Molly Marsh has posted LOADS with Anastasia Kingsnorth, the pair even visited the South Africa villa together earlier this year. But their friendship goes way beyond that. They’re always doing press events together and Molly even attended Ana’s podcast launch party.

She’s on Instagram commenting basis with the MIC shirtless chef

Yep, Molly Marsh is pally with Temps from TikTok and now Made in Chelsea. It’s quite iconic to be fair.

Molly also gets a bunch of comments from Hannah Lowther who blew up on TikTok for her peppy singing and is now on the West End. They have verrrrrry similar energy – full of beans.

Molly Marsh and SaffyB are close

Saffron Barker and Anastasia Kingsnorth are besties so obviously if Molly is close with Ana then she will be known to The Saffron Barker. She’s also mates with Haz, Byron and the rest of Anastasia’s Manchester group.

Lee and Ellie Hinchliffe

Do you remember back in the day when Saffron Barker dated Jake Mitchell? Well his best mate is Lee Hinchcliffe and he’s such good friends with Molly and her sister. In fact, Lee and his girlfriend Ellie often appear in Molly Marsh’s TikTok videos with her sister.

Also Molly Marsh seems to meet one celeb and then plasters them all over her grid. Just look at this post she made going to an event. She met Maura Higgins, Amelia Dimoldenberg, Siannise Fudge, Ardee, Jourdan Riane, Eden Harvey and Madison Sarah. I’m so obsessed with her fan girl attitude – she’s an icon.

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