Here’s how you can take the TikTok Loveprint Test that will tell you how you love

This is so wholesome

TikTok users are obsessed with quizzes, we know that already, and the latest one is the Loveprint Test and it apparently tells users how they love.

The Loveprint Test is a relationship quiz which determines what your loveprint is by using a series of statements about love and intimacy. Your loveprint is an “approximation of where you are now and your approach to forming a relationship,” the test reveals. The assessment is created by a website called Nectar and it supposedly helps you get an idea of how you love and what a relationship could look like for you. Everyone is raving about it online so here’s how to take it.

Where can I take the Loveprint Test?

Okay so you can follow this link here to begin the quiz. You’ll be shown a series of statements and then you’ll get asked to say how much you personally agree with them. Every statement is about relationships and you must rate them to the extent to which you agree.

You’ll be presented with statements about love such as “I prefer to keep certain aspects of my life private” and “engaging in activities is more fun if shared with a partner.”

via Nectar

At the end of the test you will be asked to reveal some information about yourself including your age, sexual orientation, gender identity and relationship status. Then enter your email and see your results. It’s a long page of results but it will explain your loveprint. You’ll see stuff like your colour, personality traits and loveprint number – don’t worry if you don’t know that already as it will be explained too.

Loveprint Test

via Nectar

You can take the Loveprint Test from TikTok here.

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