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Jeffree Star responds to backlash from his comments about trans and nonbinary people

‘How are you a ‘they?’ What the f*** does that mean? It’s stupid’

Beauty influencer Jeffree Star is facing backlash due to comments he made about trans and nonbinary people during an episode of Taylor Lewan’s Bussin With The Boys podcast.

Jeffree Star is an OG beauty influencer who has businesses in makeup products, clothing and even yak meat. After he quit YouTube in 2021 in favour of living a rural life, he has slowly started to come back in front of the camera. Recently he called out fellow influencer Mikayla Nogueira’s controversial mascara promotion. Although fans liked his video calling out the mascara drama, he is now being called out himself for comments he made about trans and nonbinary people.

Here’s a rundown of the drama and what Jeffree Star said about trans and nonbinary people in a podcast and what he has said in response to all the backlash.

Jeffree Star claims to have gained a conservative following because of his views

In the episode, Jeffree Star criticises they/them pronouns, claiming to have gained a conservative following as a result of his views. He said: “I’m not into all the other bullshit. The ‘they’ and ‘them’ pronouns. And all that extra shit that we added during the pandemic because everyone was so bored in their fucking houses. They just started to make up more shit.”

He continued: “That’s why the conservatives like me, because I’m just real. You’re not they and them. You’re trans – you’re male, or you’re female. And people get so mad when I say that. How are you a ‘they?’ What the fuck does that mean? It’s stupid.”

People are calling our Jeffree Star for his comments about trans and nonbinary people

One person on Twitter posted a video of Jeffree Star talking in 2017 and he can be heard saying “Gender ambiguity can be found in makeup, fashion, sexual identity, gender identity, anything.” @kendallybrown said: “So just in case it wasn’t already clear, Jeffree Star is the grifter who will throw the entire LGBTQ+ community under the bus if it makes him that bag.”

Another person posted the clip from the podcast saying: “Jeffree Star denying the existence of non-binary people for a minute straight.”

Jeffree Star has made a response

On Instagram stories, Jeffree Star posted his response and said people were putting words in his mouth claiming he had denied the existence of nonbinary and trans people. He said: “What we’re not going to do is misconstrue what I said.”

via @jeffreestar on Instagram

He continued: “To anyone making it seem like I said nonbinary people don’t exist, I never said that. I said I don’t like the pronouns and I don’t agree with them. I never said that they don’t exist.”

Jeffree justified what he said by claiming he is “old school” and therefore doesn’t agree with a few things. He continued: “What we’re not going to do is say I’m against the lGBTQ+ community, that’s what I am.”

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