Explained: Here’s the reason why people are saying they are deleting TikTok on 3rd March

Tempted to join them tbh

So you might have seen videos popping up on your TikTok feed from users claiming they are deleting the app on 3rd March 2023. It’s all to do with a trend called corecore and how people feel as though they’re wasting their life endlessly scrolling on the app.

Since everyone is talking about it, here’s why people are quitting TikTok on 3rd March and what deleting the app has to do with corecore.

What is corecore on TikTok?

Let’s start with the basics. We’ve all been there at 2am, doom-scrolling until we get pins and needles in our hand, with videos lighting up our faces and moving us further and further away from falling asleep. You keep scrolling past videos and you think you’re not going to stop at any point soon. This is corecore.


#corecore explanation

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Corecore videos seem to be a meaningless collage of videos that connect to a shared message. However, it is the idea of corecore and what it can represent that has given rise to what some consider a genuine form of art by Gen-Z.

So if you don’t already know, corecore is an aesthetic trend. It can be anything and its creators can use any type of media to convey a central idea. Sometimes corecore videos can be stupid meme dumps that are upbeat but they can also be football clips, little snippets from sad movie scenes with melancholic music playing in the background. There’s no real definition of what they have to be but they have to essentially make your mind feel empty whilst at the same time leave you wanting more.


An art movement for our digital era? 🤔 #corecore #nichetok #fyp #foryoupage #artmovement #tiktoktrends

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Here’s why people are deleting TikTok on 3rd March because of corecore


Have you ever had a video come up on TikTok where someone is doing the scrolling for you and you haven’t even realised? This is basically the reason why people are deleting the app because if we don’t have control and stop now then when will we stop consuming videos like this? We are mindlessly consuming everything on social media and it’s rotting our brains.

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