Explained: The money drama between MAFS Australia’s Janelle and Adam, and the jobs they do

She was fuming when he even whispered the word ‘podcast’

Last night we sat down to watch the third instalment of MAFS Australia on E4, where Janelle and Adam got married to one another. However their marriage was quickly derailed after Janelle and her family were unimpressed by Adam’s lack of career prospects and previous relationship mistakes.

We heard the awkward conversation between Janelle and Adam where she reveals she’s looking for someone who is career-focused and has a stable job but Adam’s podcast dreams aren’t up to scratch.

Here’s a rundown of the Janelle and Adam wedding day drama on MAFS Australia and the jobs they both have.

‘Once a cheater, always a cheater’

Janelle describes her brother as “the one who is going to be hard to impress,” and she wasn’t lying. As Adam starts his vows things go sideways. He says: “I haven’t lived a perfect life. I’ve done things I’ve regretted, I’ve made mistakes and I’ve lost myself along the way, but they have all taught me lessons and made me the person that I am today.”

Naturally everyone was questioning what mistakes Adam was talking about. Janelle’s brothers, Josh and Jordan, pull Adam for a chat as quickly as they can. In a conversation with them Adam reveals he cheated on his fiancee around eight years ago which ended their relationship. Janelle is worried that “once a cheater, always a cheater,” but she respects Adam and says she won’t hold him to account for something he did a decade ago.

But that wasn’t the only problem Janelle and Adam faced on their wedding day. It turns out she wasn’t pleased with his job at all. So here’s what the pair both do for work.

Janelle is a beauty influencer and full-time content creator

Janelle became a full-time content creator when she split up with her ex and she says she’s been doing well for herself. Janelle says she’s close to her family and her parents are “the most supportive parents I could ever ask for.”

Janelle makes a point of saying she’s always been the financially stable one and now she wants something different for herself. She says she’s looking for someone who is career-focused with a stable job.

Adam owns an online startup

35-year-old Adam is an entrepreneur with his own online startup. Early on in the episode he tells the camera his career is “in the crypto space,” and he looks at crypto, NFTs and all that kind of stuff. But then he tells Janelle he runs an online competition business in the UK and gives away physical prizes.

He says he’s got some really big plans that involve starting a podcast too and this tipped Janelle over the edge. Things hit a climax after Janelle’s parents quiz her asking if she thinks him doing a podcast is stable.

The question of money also comes up the morning after their wedding and Adam claims it is a red flag that his finances are such a concern. He says: “All it seems is she just cares about how much money I’m making and whether I can support myself, and it’s like, don’t make me feel like I’ve got nothing when I don’t know me.”

Janelle insists asking about someone’s career is a normal question but Adam wonders if she just has some deeper issues and concerns. He explains that it feels condescending.

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