All the LGBTQ+ influencers you should be following to make your feed even better

This is exactly what we need rn

It’s LGBTQ+ history month and what better way to celebrate than filling your timeline with some of the best LGBTQ+ content out there on Instagram. From documenting queer parenthood, promoting LGBTQ+ safe travel and documenting transitions – here are the best pride filled LGBTQ+ Instagram accounts to inspire you this history month.

Rose and Rosie

Instagram handle: @roseellendix and @roxetera 

via @roseellendix on Instagram

Rose and Rosie are the power couple you didn’t know you needed in your life. They’ve been on YouTube for years now and grew their platform through comedy, gaming and lifestyle content. Since then, they have documented their marriage and the journey of having their first child who was born in 2021.

Husbands That Travel

Instagram handle: @husbands.thattravel

via @husbands.thattravel on Instagram

One topic that always comes up in conversation surrounding queer issues is travel and knowing where in the world is safe for us to be ourselves. @Husbands.thattravel are perfect for this. They are living the dream having travelled to over 60 countries around the world. The couple are currently in Australia and documenting their journey.

Char Ellesse

Instagram handle: @ellessechar

via @ellessechar on Instagram

Char uses her platform to raise awareness of both LGBTQ+ and racial inequality alongside sharing her day to day life with her followers. Her content is raw and honest, she sheds light on so many untouched topics and we all need to be discussing her work more.

Her bio says: “The unapologetic queer black woman of your dreams.” She’s also the founder of @girlswillbeboys_, an online storytelling platform that poses the question: “Is it always binary?” when it comes to gender, sexuality and journeys to self-acceptance. The community helps to amplify voices of marginalised people through film, podcast episodes and events. You can find more about the GWBB community here.

Matt Bernstein

Instagram handle: @mattxiv

Matt with his dad, via @mattxiv on Instagram

If you haven’t seen Matt before don’t worry because you have definitely seen one of his iconic and powerful posts. He’s an LGBTQ+ activist and his profile focuses on queer political issues from all over the world. He’s also known for being a manifestation King too, actively encouraging his followers to get involved and sharing their success.

Matt’s expression on his platform is innovative to say the least. He creates powerful posts which generate awareness and conversation around a broad range of LGBTQ+ topics and social injustices. His recent post about Sam Smith gathered over half a million likes and it has been shared in so many places.

Teddy Edwardes

Instagram handle: @teddyedwardes

via @teddyedwardes on Instagram

Founder of LICK events, Teddy Edwards is someone you need to follow. Her grid is full of candid conversations about mental health, aesthetic travel photos and the importance of being an unapologetic queer woman.

Charlie Craggs

Instagram handle: @charlie_craggs

via @charlie_craggs on Instagram

Charlie is a trans activist and speaks openly about her experience as a transgender woman living in the UK. She is the award-winning author of To My Trans Sisters and the founder of Nail Transphobia which sees her travel the country with her pop-up nail salon offering the public free manicures for the chance to sit down with a trans person, to help dispel common myths and judgements.


Instagram handle: @Domandink

via @domandink on Instagram

Domandink is a freelance illustrator based in London. He creates work that makes people feel empowered and confident, you’ve probably seen loads of his illustrations on BBC Three’s RuPaul’s Drag Race UK.

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