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Just 36 memes about Derry Girls and that wee English fella who dressed up as Posh Spice

I will never be over seeing Jenny Joyce emerge out of a coffin

The second episode of Derry Girls was phenomenal and possibly the best TV I have ever watched in my life. They really went above and beyond all expectations and gave us the best episode ever. We had a Spice Girls extravaganza, watched Jenny Joyce emerge from a coffin and learned Mary wants to head off to uni!!! How is that not iconic? Plus we had all those hilarious moments in between all the glittery chaos. So here are 36 memes for you to sit back and enjoy.

1. We always need an out of context tweet

2. I’d die for Mammy!

3. I want the Derry Girls, sod the Spice Girls

4. I love her

5. Tom Holland walked so the wee English fella could run


7. This photo is my source of happiness rn

8. Take all of my money

— Joanne (@imbsbbb) April 19, 2022

— Kevin McStravock (@kevinmcstrav) April 19, 2022

10. I love them both so much

11. I am Sister George Michael

12. Looool


14. This is too accurate

15. The best show ever*

16. I was gagged!

17. Bring on episode three

18. She’s living her best life and it shows

19. It’s got a special type of power

20. Orla was doing it for the gays last night

21. He slayed, end of

22. It’s perfection and I didn’t know how much I needed it

23. Rent. Free.

24. I’m obsessed with Lisa McGee

25. Room for improvement

26. He is truly something

27. SENDDDD tweet

28. I am crying with laughter

29. Aunt Sarah needs her own show right this second

30. Always

31. Screaming

32. It really is

33. End of!

34. Her wig is too funny

35. They lose their minds and so do I


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