Love Is Blind fans say Cole Barnett is rumoured to be dating an old Bachelor contestant

Two worlds colliding

The last time we heard from Cole Barnett was on the reunion special for Netflix’s Love Is Blind season three. Fans of the show had mixed opinions about the whole season but one thing they could agree on was how sorry they felt for Cole amid all the Zanab drama. Most fans say Zanab was wrong for how things blew up at the altar, but let’s be real, Cole wasn’t innocent of being out of order during the season. However thankfully they both decided to call it a day and people can agree on the fact they’re no longer dating.

Now we’re a good few months after the show aired and After the Altar finally dropped today. Fans are desperate to know who Cole is dating at the minute and there are speculations he might be dating a girl who appeared on The Bachelor. Here’s everything we know about Cole Barnett’s rumoured girlfriend.

Cole Barnett Love Is Blind

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Who is Cole Barnett from Love Is Blind dating at the minute?

Cole Barnett is rumoured to be spending time with The Bachelor season 26 winner, Susie Evans. Throwback to Giannina Gibelli from Love Is Blind season one, who is currently dating The Bachelorette’s season 14 contestant, Blake Hortsmann.

On 14th December 2022, Cole appeared on Nothing’s Ever That Serious podcast and he spoke briefly about Love Is Blind before talking about dating.

Cole was tasked with going on three blind dates over the phone and his first date was with Susie Evans. He says the conversation went well and the pair were flirting with each other. He ended the call by telling Susie to “hurry up and get in my DMs.” Susie replied saying she would send him one over and now fans are convinced the pair are dating.

However it’s not been confirmed whether any DMs were sent after the podcast and if they were simply flirting for the sake of it. Also we know what Love Is Blind hardcore fans can be like – pretty unhinged when it comes to rumours about the cast.

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