All of the unanswered questions I have after watching YOU season four part one

I need to know how this man is a university professor

The last time we saw Joe Goldberg he killed his wife and left their child behind after faking his own death. Now the first half of season four has dropped on Netflix and I’ve got many questions which need to be answered in part two.

In the newest season of YOU, Joe Goldberg takes on a new identity in London – Professor Jonathan Moore. And he becomes surrounded with London elites who are all unbelievably posh and privileged which is just a recipe for disaster right from the get go.

Anyway, now we’ve finished part one, here’s a rundown of all the questions I have about it

How on earth did Joe get a job as a literal university professor?

YOU season four part one ending explained

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We’ve seen Joe as a bookstore manager, clerk and a librarian but somehow he has made the jump to university professor and we’re just meant to accept that?

Why are the posh elites inviting Joe everywhere they go?

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When Joe Goldberg first met the group, he was an outsider. But whilst he was drunk he had a conversation with Lady Phoebe which solidified his status as one of the group going forward. But the problem is, he doesn’t remember what he said but now she trusts him so much and keeps banging on about how helpful he is to her and how safe he makes her feel.

And why does Joe continue to accept drinks from rich people? You’d think the man would have learnt his lesson by now.

The backstory of Kate’s dad is so unrealistic, surely we’re not meant to believe it?

So we’re meant to believe Kate’s dad, Tom Lockwood, is an activist investor and has a finger in so many different pies. According to Kate, he’s one of the most powerful men on the planet and Kate’s family is more wealthy than anyone else in her social group.

Kate’s dad seems to run a company that values profit over well-being. Because of this they took part in malpractices that resulted in the company getting wealthier but multiple children getting cancer.

Kate’s dad seems to run a company that values profit over well-being. Because of this they took part in malpractices that resulted in the company getting wealthier but multiple children getting cancer.

Kate has got to be the worst love interest Joe Goldberg has ever had. She is soooo boring it’s painful to watch her.

Is that it? Has Marienne just up and left for good?

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After waiting months to see if Joe would find Marienne the pair came face to face this season. It was a tense chat but it was so underwhelming at the same time. Is that really all we’re going to get to see of Marienne this season??

Also, thinking about it, where the hell is Marienne’s daughter too? Did she just get left in Paris whilst her mum came to London for art stuff?

Why is Love’s family friend stalking Joe and telling him to kill Marienne?

In season four we meet Elliot Tannenberg, the man who is following Joe from afar whilst he’s busy chasing down Marienne. Later on he sits down with Joe in a pub and introduces himself as an employee of Ray Quinn, aka Love Quinn’s dad. It turns out the murder-frame stunt Joe pulled in season three didn’t convince Love’s dad and as a result Elliot was hired to track Joe down.

Is this all pointing to Ray wanting revenge on the man who killed both his kids?

How come Roald took those creepy photos of Kate?

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Joe found a bunch of invasive photos of Kate on Roald’s camera. When confronted by Joe, Roald excuses them saying he’s an artist and then nothing else came of it. There was zero repercussions for Roald and Joe didn’t even kill him when he had the opportunity from Rhys.

How and when did Rhys get the chance to murder all those people?

I’m not going to lie, I missed the thrill of Joe Goldberg doing the killing himself. I get Joe and Malcolm were both drugged when Rhys got into his apartment but how did he kill Simon and how did he get to Hampshire so quickly, remain undetected and kill Gemma in Kate’s room? It doesn’t make sense!!

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