Peaky Blinders season six ending explained: What actually happened to Thomas Shelby?


Last night we watched the end of Peaky Blinders season six and it was pretty shocking to say the least. With Michael being released from prison and seeking revenge for Thomas Shelby’s blood. We also watched Arthur avenge the death of Polly by shooting her killer and saw Thomas contemplate his own life at the end of the episode. Amongst all of this there were a bunch of twists and turns that quite frankly, none of us could have predicted. So here’s the Peaky Blinders season six ending explained.

Thomas kills Michael before Michael gets the chance

The finale ends with Michael and Thomas coming face to face. They both leave the bar on their way to complete the deal but before they leave Michael says he has left his cigarettes inside and returns to go and get them. But we all know this is part of his plan to get back inside whilst the car explodes.

But Michael didn’t know Johnny Dogs switched the bomb, leaving Thomas unharmed. Michael then gets shot in the head by Thomas. Time then jumps forward about a month where we see Thomas inside a caravan in god knows where. He holds a gun to his own head and is about to pull the trigger when his dead daughter Ruby returns to him. She tells Thomas he must live and informs him he’s not actually sick and going to die.

Thomas isn’t actually dying from a brain tumour!!

The doctor who lied to Thomas about his health is a Nazi and Thomas confronts him. We thought Thomas would kill him but he doesn’t and instead he rides off into the sunset. But this isn’t the last we’ll see of Thomas Shelby as back in February 2021, show creator Steven Knight has confirmed, the Peaky Blinders movie will be set during the Second World War.

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