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Kim! Here are 39 memes from the winter Love Island 2023 final that aired last night

Not Tom calling Samie fit in four different fonts

Last night we all sat down to watch Kai and Sanam get crowned as winners of winter Love Island 2023. As expected everyone on Twitter was putting in a huge shift to make sure the content was top quality and it really was.

The entire nation worked tirelessly to make sure Kanam won the cash and it was stunning. I sobbed at multiple points last night. Once during Kai’s speech to Sanam, another time when Kanam’s highlights showed the time he shouted out “Kim” and again out of frustration when Tom essentially called Samie fit in four different fonts.

Anyway, here are the best memes from the winter Love Island 2023 final.

1. I’ve spent weeks bad-mouthing this show

2. Say something else I beg

3. A gorgeous finale

4. Say it louder

5. She is seething

6. Revenge is a dish best served with 50k

7. Lmao

8. ‘GO ON SIR’

— Danny Shelby (@MrDannyShelby) March 13, 2023

— cait (@vlvqss) March 13, 2023

10. Tom needs to sort it out

11. The highlights were lowlights this year

12. Lastly you are so fit hahahah

13. Sob

14. Rest easy guys, you did good

15. Leave Paige and Finn ALONE

16. Looool

17. My king

18. An unreal meme

19. Laura could never

20. I need a minute to compose myself

21. The audacity

22. Not Topher hahaha

23. I knew this was going to happen

24. I was actually shocked to be fair

25. It’s this easy

26. Justice has been served!

27. Can someone explain the origin story to me

28. He was buzzing


30. I did not see a single highlight

31. Kai finishing first needs to be studied

32. It’s a full on shift

33. Give it back to the public right now

34. This is spot on

35. What a flop

36. We were robbed so early on

37. I need to hear what Olivia has to say

38. She’s so stunning

39. The fact they wore wedding dresses was unhinged

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