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‘The most boomer solution I’ve ever heard’: Ex-Love Islanders on ITV’s new social media rule

‘I think it’s going to be leave the contestants a little bit frustrated’

Last week ITV announced new plans to put social media accounts of the new cast on pause until the end of the series. Typically, contestants have friends or members of their family keeping their accounts running. Their grids and stories are kept full with screenshots from the show, memes, viral tweets or Instagram Lives however all of this is going to be banned under new regulations.

Islanders are also set to receive behaviour training before they enter the villa – in an attempt to squash bullying and discrimination before it starts. The social media rule is in place to stop online harassment of Islanders and their families. Participants will also be sent links to online and video training around “negative behaviour” – such as coercive control and microaggressions related to gender, disability and race. They’ll be trained on using inclusive language, creating safe spaces and being good allies. However previous Islanders have shared their thoughts on this and on the whole they don’t think it’s an effective plan from ITV.

Brett Stainland from season seven

Since leaving the villa, Brett has been very vocal about Love Island, especially the fast fashion aspect. He was one of the first Islanders to share their thoughts on the new rule and he said it wasn’t the kind of move ITV thought they were making. He tweeted: “ITV and the Love Island welfare team making contestants deactivate their socials while they’re away is the most boomer solution I’ve ever heard. I also don’t think this is the solution they think it is. At all.”

— Dr Brett Staniland (@TwinBrett_) December 31, 2022

Faye didn’t have it easy on Love Island and a lot of the season seven hate was sent into her dms. So it’s no surprise to hear she’s one of the es-Islanders who are all for the new policy with social media. During a Q&A on her story, She said: “For the welfare of my family and friends, absolutely. But I do think what a bloody shame all because narrow minded people genuinely believe they can judge, torment and bully others based off a 45 minute show which is highly edited and each person probably gets around eight minutes of airtime. Sad when you think about it but absolutely necessary to protect their innocent darling heads – people will moan and it will be those that caused it. In the famous words of all parents, you only have yourselves to blame you big knuckle heads.”

Adam Collard from season four and eight

Having had two doses of Love Island, Adam is no stranger to the criticisms it can bring. Adam Collard told The Sun: “There are loads of positives and loads of negatives about this new rule, but I think it’s going to leave the contestants a little bit frustrated. At the end of the day, someone could risk a job for this and at least you’ve got the compensation of potentially building a career with social media after it.”

He continued: “At the same time there’s a big positive in terms of reducing trolling and I guess it does potentially make it more authentic in terms of relationships and stuff. Next year, maybe people will sign up because they actually want to fall in love. Maybe I’m being a bit rash there, but there’s just as much chance of meeting someone on the outside as there is inside but you’re potentially risking a job for not as much reward. I guess you’re getting the experience though.”

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