The creator of The Ultimatum has finally addressed those silver wine glasses on the show

Just when I thought Love Is Blind overused the gold glasses!!

If you have watched The Ultimatum on Netflix then you’ve definitely seen the silver wine glasses which are literally everywhere. If I had to take a shot every time I saw a silver wine glass, I’d be sloshed within the first half an hour. The silver wine glasses are inescapable, they even make it to restaurants and bars throughout the season which is wild – why can we not see what people are drinking? WHAT IS CHRIS COELEN HIDING???

If you thought Love Is Blind was bad with those gold glasses then just know The Ultimatum is a whole different level. Only this time they’re silver and not gold – so arguably they’re even worse! The show’s creator Chris Coelen spoke before on the glasses used in Love Is Blind and he’s finally piped up about The Ultimatum. Here’s what he had to say about the silver wine glasses in The Ultimatum.

Speaking to Today Food, Chris said: “The silver goblets are an homage to the gold goblets in Love Is Blind. We think goblets are a subtle but fun way to tie the elements of each show together.” So there we have it! The Ultimatum props team are paying tribute to their other much-loved and deranged show, Love Is Blind. Now you know you can sleep peacefully – but before you do that here are a few memes about the tacky (but beautiful) silver goblets.

1. The Ultimatum silver cup makes Love Is Blind look normal

2. ‘Wafer thin personalities’

3. It’s so ugly ffs

4. I think you mean every scene x

5. Big difference, note it down

6. We have INFLUENCE

7. Don’t fight it


9. I need to see behind the scenes of the wine glasses rn

10. End of

11. Omg they gave them to normal people!!

The Ultimatum season one is available on Netflix now. The last two episodes are dropping on April 13. For all the latest Netflix news, drops, quizzes and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook. 

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