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‘I made her lick a slug’: Girls are sharing their sister trauma and it’s too real

‘She blackmailed me into going up to mum and asking if she was a virgin’

Girls on TikTok have been sharing their unhinged sister trauma and honestly, it’s just too real at this point. In case you’re not familiar with it, sister trauma is the abuse and violation we used to either go through or put our sisters through growing up but it’s all forgiven as we’re best mates now. This can be anything from catty fights, hair pulling, pushing over or even extremes like putting your sister’s life in danger by closing the garage door on her. It’s just girly things.

So here’s a rundown of some of the most unhinged examples of sister trauma from TikTok plus a few others thrown in for good measure.

‘She banned me from lip syncing’


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♬ original sound – emma

This one TikToker recalls the fond time their older sister drove them to high school and she banned her from singing in the car. So instead she decided to lip sync but was then banned from that too. So as an act of defiance she “would turn to the window and secretly lip sync” only to be yelled at.

‘My sister said she had a few weeks to live and made me be her slave on my birthday’

Millie told The Tab that one year on her birthday, her sister told her she only had a few weeks to live and that Millie had to do everything for her. Millie says her sister basically had her be her slave for the day even though it was her birthday.

‘We said our goodbyes’

This one is truly unhinged. This TikTokers sister wanted to see if the garage door was strong enough to crush a human being. So she put a helmet, knee and elbow pads on her and made her stand under it whilst she pressed the button. The TikToker says they said their goodbyes just in case.

‘My sister used to duct tape my limbs and watch me struggle’

Typically you’d assume little sisters would get bullied by their big one. However for Lauren, that reality was flipped. Her younger sister would often chase her round the house with their dad’s tools like a hammer and wrench. Lauren tells The Tab: “She’d be so intent on causing me harm, I’d have to clock myself in the bathroom and cry to one of my parents for help. She was seven. I was nine. She is still evil.”

However Lauren had a younger sister who she took her emotions out on. She says one time she even made her sister lick a slug, only once though because “I knew slugs were dangerous,” Lauren admits. It was an act of defiance, but character building for all involved.

‘She convinced me Michael Jackson lived under my bed’


Michael Jackson still haunts my dreams #oldersister #michaeljackson #scary #trauma #siblingtrauma #heehee #fyp

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Was Michael Jackson a universal fear then? TikToker @gibbahh_ says her sister would convince her that Michael Jackson lived under her bed and would even go ‘hee hee’ randomly throughout the night to freak her out. She says: “One night I was so fed up with her when she said he was under my bed so I replied ‘no he’s not because I killed him,’ he next day my siblings and I went to go and see the Transformers movie and when we came home my parents were crying in the living room, turns out Michael Jackson had died.”

In short, she thought she was responsible for the death of Michael Jackson. Trauma.

‘She blackmailed me into going up to mum and asking if she was a virgin’


🤷‍♀️ #oldersistertrauma #fyp

♬ original sound – emma

@LC recalled the time she was five years old and wrote “Granny is a bitch” in her Hello Kitty diary. her older sister found it and blackmailed her for years, forcing her to do stuff like going up to their mum and asking if she was a virgin and saying “I’m not.”

‘She decided I wanted to be locked in a locker in the changing rooms’

Amy’s sister did the unthinkable when out on a swimming trip with her mum and older sister. She tells The Tab: “My sister decided I wanted to be locked in a locker in the changing rooms and time passes and mum’s like ‘Where’s Amy?’ and my sister says she doesn’t know.” It wasn’t until Amy’s mum followed the sound of Amy crying before she found her stuffed inside a locker.

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