Dylan Mulvaney doesn’t deserve your transphobic abuse

Being this obsessed with someone’s body and gender identity is weird

Dylan Mulvaney rose to fame for her powerful videos documenting each day of girlhood in her gender transition. At only 26 years old she is one of the most visible and relatable trans people on the internet but what we’re sadly seeing come with her visibility is endless and violent waves of transphobic abuse and hate.

We’re now seeing every single aspect of Dylan being isolated and picked apart by trolls online and she deserves to be left alone.

Most recently we have seen transphobes across the world attempt to boycott brands who work with Dylan, or just any brand that isn’t entirely hostile and brutal toward the LGBTQ+ community.

This isn’t the first time either. Dylan’s rapid rise to global fame and her social media impact have sadly seen her become a target in the ongoing battle for trans equality. Back in October 2022, Dylan came under attack from US conservatives including Caitlyn Jenner, another famous trans woman, after she was invited to discuss trans rights with Joe Biden. Then in the same month Ulta, a big American beauty brand, was hit with trans hate after featuring Dylan in an episode of The Beauty Of YouTube series.

Earlier this month, Bud Light came under fire after sending Dylan Mulvaney a personalised can featuring her face. Days later, Nike was also criticised for including trans people in its marketing after Dylan posted a paid partnership of herself wearing Nike leggings and a sports bra. The comments on Dylan’s Bud Light post were nasty, one person said: “Women do not act like this,” and another person said: “This trans stuff is being shoved down our throats.” Do you not hear how stupid you all sound? Dylan doing an ad with a beer company has you all crying so hard because you’re offended by someone’s body.


This song felt fitting given the week ive had. Thank you all for making me feel supported, i am not alone ❤️❤️ #trans

♬ original sound – Dylan Mulvaney

Dylan has responded to the backlash in a TikTok from her live show where she says: “Whether you’re a parent or a child, or you’re young, or you’re old, or you’re trans or you’re not. We’re all just trying our best here, aren’t we? And the most important thing is that we have the people in our lives to support us and celebrate our uniqueness. And that could be a mental health care professional or a teacher or a loved one, so long as we don’t feel alone.”

Dylan Mulvaney is so pure, but people seem to hate her so much just because she is trans. I am disgusted by the countless hateful people commenting on Dylan, claiming she’s taking away opportunities from cis women, misgendering her or claiming her carrying a tampon around for her friends is “predatory.” Being this obsessed with someone’s body and gender identity is weird.

All she wants to do is document her journey into girlhood, something she wasn’t able to start until very recently, and trolls are attempting to ruin it before it’s even started. Above anything else, Dylan deserves to be celebrated and loved for sharing her journey.

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