This audio sounds like two birds arguing and now people won’t stop lip syncing to it on TikTok

I have approximately two brain cells left after hearing this

Bird sounds are currently popping off on TikTok and people are lip syncing to them, enacting what they think the birds are talking about. The sound is a collection of various bird sounds such as chirping, cooing and some tweeting too. Yes, you will lose your mind watching one of these videos.

Here’s everything we know about the viral bird sounds from TikTok and the best ways people are using them.

Where were the bird sounds first uploaded to TikTok?

It’s been just over three years since the sounds were first posted onto TikTok back in 2019. However they recently became popular as a lip-sync template this year. On 3rd October 2019, TikToker @aksin422 posted a video featuring drone footage and a chirping and cooing bird sound effect. The video gathered 28,000 views over three years. It became a popular background sound effect to various nature videos on the app however everything changed in May 2022 when TikToker @mikeyy88 posted a video of himself cooing along to the sound and gained over four million views.

Bird sounds are everywhere on TikTok now, we can’t escape them

In March this year, various TikTokers began using the bird sound effects to make viral videos. One person gained over 1.8 million for just adding mannerisms to fit what they imagined the birds were saying.


♬ original sound – AKŞİN44

Another person captioned it: “Bird girlfriend venting to bird boyfriend about all the bird work drama” and they had over one million views and over 400,000 likes too.


birds #fyp

♬ original sound – AKŞİN44

Another TikToker suggested the bird sounds reflected what the two birds on Noah’s ark were talking about. People are unhinged, help.

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