People on TikTok are sharing whether they’re a soldier, a poet or a king, take the quiz here

Finally I’m in my regal era

TikTok churns out tests and quizzes like there’s no tomorrow and now the latest quiz determines whether you’re a soldier, a poet or a king. Everyone is sharing their results on TikTok and taking this quiz as gospel so naturally you have to take it as well. Here’s an explainer on how you can take the quiz and find out if you’re a soldier, a poet or a king.

Here’s how to take a soldier, poet or kind quiz from TikTok

Okay so the quiz itself can be found and taken on the Uquiz website. You have to start by entering your name and then clicking on “Start quiz.”

Once you’ve done this, you’ll be directed to the next page where you have to answer 20 questions by using the three answer options. Then at the end you’ll be given your results. Here are the questions you’ll be asked.

• What is duty?

•  If you were to hold a crown it would…

• The throne looks…

• The sword is…

• There are rules. How many?

• Pick something fucked up

• A fear

• There is a home waiting for you (I promise). What does it have?

• You enter a town. It is…

• You leave the town and you leave it…

• Pick a quote, and make it about love

• The one who hurt you haunts you. In the nightmare, they say…

• What does anger feel like?

• What is a sin?

• Who taught you about guilt?

• How will you die?

• When you die, where will you go?

• What is hell, anyway?

• Throw a wish to the world

• It’s 3am. What do you ask the ceiling?

soldier poet king quiz

via Uquiz 

You can find the soldier, poet or king quiz here.

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