Erm, Hugo Hammond is dating a girl from Love Island Australia season four

Ever since he’s got that mullet he’s become a womanizer

Hugo Hammond was in the villa for a whopping 38 days back in 2021 and he struggled finding a girl who liked him back. Last summer he found a girlfriend though, Molly Wilkins and she is a GB triathlete. However the pair broke up shortly after and Huge flew to Australia to live out his best life.

He has since been posting endless travelling TikTok videos and his life looks gorgeous. He’s got a mullet and a new found purpose. Along the way he’s posted videos clubbing out with his friends and more recently he’s been posting very coupley videos with an Australian girl who is famous within her own right – she’s Layla Ruby John from Love Island Australia season four.

Who is Layla Ruby John?

Layla Ruby John is famous for being a Love Island Australia contestant back in season four. She lasted two weeks in the villa after joining on the very first day. She’s also a dancer as well as a reality TV star. She’s currently 21-years-old and has over 44.8k followers on Instagram.

She’s followed by Chloe Burrows who yesterday liked a photo Layla posted of her and Hugo out in Melbourne.

Hugo Hammond and Layla Ruby John did the soulmate moon phase trend


Is this good or bad? #CapCut #moonphase

♬ Every Summertime – NIKI

Sorry but you don’t do this trend with someone you’re friends with. Layla posted a video doing the trend and their moons matched up perfectly – it’s actually quite sweet.

Hugo is posting loads of Layla on TikTok

Fair enough he’s not tagging her but he is not afraid of posting content including her on his feed. Recently he posted a video of them both ready for a night out followed by them hungover the next morning in bed and Layla was sprawled out across his chest.


Hangxiety through the roof 🙃#Melbourne #fashion #week #nightout #party #hangover

♬ Way 2 Sexy x Super Freak – DAVO

Layla on the other hand tags Hugo in a lot of content and often posts travelling vlogs to her account. You can follow Layla on Instagram here and also here on TikTok.

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