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Love Is Blind’s SK accuses Raven of speaking to another man whilst they were filming and dating

Raven has denied everything

Weeks after Raven Ross publicly spoke out about the cheating allegations her ex fiancé faced, SK Alagbada has finally spoken out about the speculation.

The couple first met and got engaged sight unseen on season three of Love Is Blind. During his time on the show they were a power couple however SK shocked viewers when he turned Raven down at the altar. But during the reunion special, we watched the couple get back together and he even proposed to Raven for a second time. The next time we saw Raven though was when she got upset speaking about the cheating allegations which surrounded SK just weeks after he proposed for a second time.

In an interview with People, SK has finally spoken out about his relationship with Raven and even accused her of speaking to another man whilst filming and during their relationship too. Here’s a rundown of everything Raven said.

‘I’m not proud of how I conducted myself’

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First up SK says he wants to express how sorry he is for the hurt and embarrassment he caused Raven. He says: “I’m not proud of how I conducted myself. I conducted myself in a way that’s making me take a step back and reflect.”

However SK maintains that he was single when he reached out to the women who came forward on TikTok accusing him of cheating. He adds that though he felt like a “single guy” while going on trips with other women, “there was an incident of me having an inappropriate conversation with this woman sometime in the fall. I believe it was around September of 2022, which is completely inappropriate. Didn’t end up happening but I feel like I shouldn’t even have had that kind of conversation with someone.”

SK says during their relationship there were things which left him feeling heartbroken and hurt

SK tells People: “There were things that happened during the court of that relationship that also caused a lot of hurt and heartbreak for me.” He then goes on to accuse Raven of revealing that an ex was still in the picture for her while they were filming the Netflix series, claiming: “This was the primary reason why our onscreen chemistry was kind of off, and I think the audience could sense that.”

Raven denies SK’s allegations. She tells People: “We spoke about exes in the pods, it was part of the expedited process to talk about our pasts.”

SK also accuses Raven of dating an older successful guy before their relationship and continuing to “be in communication with this older guy” during filming and throughout their relationship.” SK continues: “I personally witnessed incidents of communication between her and this older guy – whether he was still blowing up her phone, trying to call or FaceTime her or even a text message that talked about the possibility of them having kids together.” SK claims the communication between this man and Raven “went on until late summer after a time when Raven and I were seriously committed to be exclusive in a relationship.”

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Raven again denies all of these allegations, she tells People it’s all “completely untrue.”

SK then adds he felt as though himself and Raven were “not aligned” throughout the course of their relationship. Suggesting Raven prioritised her business and career over settling down and having a family.