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Victoria Pedretti posts nude to hit back at famous actor who told her he objectified her

‘Sometimes I enjoy modesty, sometimes I don’t’

Victoria Pedretti posted nude mirror selfie on Instagram yesterday which has since been deleted.

The post reflected on her birthday and how much she loves and appreciates her body. In the caption she also called out a well known actor for making derogatory comments towards her at an event last year.

Fans of Victoria will have seen her in Netflix’s You and The Haunting of Bly Manor and will also be aware she barely posts on social media. She’s so actively offline it’s always a very big deal when she posts something.

In her now-deleted Instagram post, Victoria Pedretti alleges a well known actor walked up to her at a party last year and said: “I’ve jacked off to you so many times.” Her post continued: “I was shocked by the audacity. This is after he expressed how much he respected me as an actor. Sometimes I enjoy modesty, sometimes I don’t. It’s a joke to think that my own modesty will protect me from any disrespect I may experience as a femme body. Also, shout out to my body. I love you. You’re mine.”

Users who saw the post made by Victoria Pedretti have been sharing it to Twitter and Reddit.

Victoria Pedretti Instagram post nude well known actor Reddit

via @then0t0ri0usvip on Instagram

Victoria didn’t provide any other details on who the “well known” actor was and the post has since been taken down by either Victoria or Instagram. She hasn’t explained why the post is no longer up but her Instagram stories are full of birthday post reshares.

Fans of Victoria Pedretti are showing their love on Twitter after seeing her deleted Instagram post. One person said: “That’s absolutely disgusting and degrading, like, is she supposed to think of that as a compliment? Because saying something like that is just so out of pocket and weird.”

You can follow Victoria Pedretti on Instagram here.

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