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The 10 best Drag Race UK episodes of all time, according to IMDb

Season two ate this list up

Drag Race UK is one of the world’s favourite franchise for good reason – the queens, the judges and the BBC know exactly how to make magic happen and make some of the best drag TV in the world. Nothing unites the Twitter timeline of gays than when Drag Race UK is airing – and everyone has their favourite season and favourite episode. But which episodes are the best of the best? These are the top 10 best fan rated Drag Race UK episodes of all time – according to their user rating on IMDb.

10. Lockdown Supersheroes (Season 2)
IMDb Rating: 8.4

Drag Race UK best episodes

Season two’s big design challenge was themed around lockdown superheroes – and the entire episode was stolen by the absolute gag of A’Whora’s breathtaking look. The way she entered the runway and fanned out her arms? I truly felt alive in that moment. An absolute wow.

9. Morning Glory (Season 2)
IMDb Rating: 8.4

Drag Race UK best episodes

This episode has so much going for it. The cast are all an absolute hoot during the morning TV challenge – with Tayce and Bimini being an iconic pairing for the ages and the frenemy pairing of Tia and A’Whora ending up smashing all expectations. A’Whora really took it there and proved she was more than just a look queen. The runway was similarly amazing with the Monster Mashup theme bringing out inventive greatness from the cast. Lawrence’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre inspired look was iconic, Tayce looked a goddess in her Bride of Frankenstein / Dracula hybrid and Veronica Green’s pig look was just a gag. Definitely one of the best all round episodes of Drag Race UK.

8. Bring Back My Queens (Season 2)
IMDb Rating: 8.4

Drag Race UK best episodes

The season two opener deserves its spot ranked amongst the best episodes of Drag Race UK – easily. This episode was an instant healer at the start of 2021 when the world was in lockdown AGAIN and everything felt bleak. The entire cast is so strong, one of the best of all time, and this episode brought the UK together. Even the ridiculous Joe Black judging couldn’t dent the shine of how great it is, and how it was the perfect introduction to a season we’d all hold so dear.

7. The Return of Royalty (Season 3)
IMDb Rating: 8.5

For episode three of season two, the queens had to get in pairs with whoever they wanted only for them to then realise the episode was pitting them against each other in a who wore it best design competition. What really made this episode great, though, was the heart we saw in the cast. Ginny Lemon and Bimini Bon-Boulash’s conversation about their gender identity and what it means to be non-binary was so beautiful and had a lot of impact on viewers. It was the kind of moment that makes Drag Race special.

5. Rats: The Rusical (Season 2)
IMDb Rating: 8.6

THIS is how you do a Rusical. Everyone honestly ate it up. They were clutching at straws for the bottom two – but realistically I’d have put Tayce and Ellie there because their bit was the most messy – and we’d still get Tayce giving one of the best lip syncs ever to Memory. That reduced Sheridan Smith to tears! Veronica, Ginny, Bimini and A’Whora could have all won this one. Iconic and definitely one of the best Drag Race UK episodes ever.

4. Snatch Game (Season 1)
IMDb Rating: 8.8

The first ever Snatch Game is, I think, a little bit too high on this list. BUT – there’s no denying that The Vivienne and Baga Chipz absolutely delivered with their Trump and Thatcher. Amazing impersonations of two deeply evil politicians, and both of them played it perfectly deranged.

3. The Pearly Gates Roast (Season 3)
IMDb Rating: 8.8

The final challenge of season three before the finale really upped the ante, and all four queens proved why they’d made it to the top four. Season three really had a muddled middle full of judging that angered fans – but with this roast challenge and the addition of Kathy Burke season three hit its peak. Ella DEVOURED the roast – one of the best performances for that challenge I’ve ever seen. Top it all off with the goddess runway and you’ve got a bit of a masterpiece.

2. Girl Group Battle Royale (Season 1)
IMDb Rating: 9.0

Drag Race UK best episodes

Ahh, that’s history. The challenge that put girl group challenges on the map. Honestly, the girl group challenge in the UK is more iconic than Snatch Game. Quote me! Break Up Bye Bye put Drag Race UK in the Official UK Charts, which is really unprecedented to be honest. What makes this episode sweeter is that the winning team of the Frock Destroyers were the underdogs – and then went on to have an album and a tour off the back of it.

1. The RuRuvision Song Contest
IMDb Rating: 9.2

This is the greatest episode of Drag Race of all time. End of. There’s so much euphoria to be found! So much iconic television in one hour. The queens get told they need to all go home because of the pandemic – then they all come back and months have passed. It’s honestly like an All Stars glow up. Veronica can’t return due to testing positive with Covid, so a queen gets to return and the queens vote Joe Black back in. So far, so amazing. It’s then revealed that it’s girl group week and it’s Eurovision themed. We’re wowing.

Both groups do a good job, but United Kingdolls UK Hun literally changed gay culture forever. Period. I’ve not known anything like it – I can’t remember a life without that song in it and its only been out a year. We then have the seaside runway with all the queens again SERVING (besides Tia, god love her). A’Whora and Sister have good drama, and then RuPaul does the iconic H&M rant. The absolute best of all the episodes of Drag Race UK. Deserves to be put in a museum.

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