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These 18 Morbius memes are so good they almost make up for it being the worst film ever made

Petition to make Jared Leto acting in films illegal

I’m no Marvel fan, guys, but I can get behind it when it’s good. Black Panther? A wow. WandaVision? Arguably the best TV of 2021. Morbius? The absolute rock bottom pits of the MCU – and I know it’s technically a Sony Spiderman Universe film like Venom, but I’m tarring it with the same cursed brush. When you cast Jared Leto as your lead role, you know you’re in danger. Especially after his nightmare inducing turn in House of Gucci that was, quite frankly, an affront to cinema. But one thing that’s making Morbius worthwhile is how much it’s getting leathered by the memes on Twitter – in case the terrible critical consensus wasn’t bad enough. Morbius is the subject of ridicule, and here are the best tweets, memes and reactions for you to sink your lacklustre vampire fangs in to.

1. Obsessed with them leaving the big light on

2. I truly perish the thought

3. It’s Morbin time!!!

4. Truly no one gives a crumb of a shit

5. Are we sure it isn’t a comedy x

6. If someone asks what the vibe of Morbius is, just show them this

— Adzz (@AdzzCx) March 31, 2022

— Muad’Daniel (@Djhassall196) April 3, 2022

8. You couldn’t make it up at this point

9. Honestly just pure evil

10. His magic touch

11. They’re turning people away in droves!

12. Academy Award imminent methinks

13. Oh glad we cleared that up to be honest

14. Just a few liccle changes!

15. Absolutely deserved end of

16. I did <3

17. Fresh, scalding, piping hot tea!

18. Get your ass up and Morb

Morbius is showing in cinemas now, if these memes, tweets and reactions have somehow inspired you to get bums on seats

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