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Applications for The Tab’s Summer Internship programme 2022 are now open

Applications close April 24th

Applications for The Tab Summer Internship programme are now open and we want the best Tab writers to join us at The Tab HQ.

This year we are offering one-week remote placements, which will involve you in every aspect of our editorial output, from breaking big stories, writing the hottest trash TV takes, creating powerful opinion pieces to managing social media.

Summer internships are given to our best rising stars and those who have been committed and regularly written for The Tab.

Due to the pandemic and The Tab HQ staff’s flexible office working, this year’s internships will be offered remotely. We have offered remote internships before, for both Summer Internships and Inclusivity Internships in 2020 and 2021. They’ve been a complete success, with interns joining the office (virtually) week by week for months.

This year’s Summer Internship will run Monday-Friday, from the 9th May until 27th May, with a break for June, and then again from 4th July until 21st September. Placements will each be one week long.

What will you be doing?

Every morning between 9am and 9:45am, the team trawls the internet for new stories, and at 9:45 we have our pitching meeting, where we discuss what we’ll be writing that day. The ideal candidate is someone comfortable finding original ideas for stories and confidently pitching them.

As an intern, you’ll become a member of the editorial team, and you’ll have the opportunity to write and publish multiple stories every day. Hours are 9am-6pm, for a full week Monday-Friday. The content on our site is varied, and you should be ready to write stories like these ones produced by interns last year:

• These are the literal mansions you can get outside London for less than £800 a month

• ‘Freshers’ Week ruined my mental health’: Five students on their first term at uni

• Wetherspoons Paltry Chip Count: Talking to the faces behind the viral posts

• Wetherspoons Paltry Chip Count: Talking to the faces behind the viral posts

• I tried the cheesy garlic crumpets that are all over your TikTok right now

• ‘I ended up fainting on the table’: Girls recount their experiences of getting the coil

• The rise and rise of The North Face puffer: Why is it the coat that just keeps growing?

• I tried the same size jeans from eight shops to prove how ridiculous women’s sizing is

• These gay students can now donate blood after years of being denied

• Take this quiz and we’ll tell you how gross your student house is

• I tested apps that make your pics look like they’re taken on film to see which is best

• ‘It’s offensive’: Students on why pronouncing their names properly is a big deal

Somebody from HQ will be in regular phone contact to give you help and advice, so you’ll be brought into the team as much as is possible. It’s a great experience to put on your CV and will teach you loads of skills if you want a job in the media.

How to apply

If you are interested in applying for an internship at The Tab, please email with answers to the following:

• Come up with three story ideas that you think would work well on our site

1) An experience feature

2) A fun feature (e.g. a quiz, a listicle, or a meme round up)

3) A news follow-up to one of these three recent Tab stories:

‘Vandalism, theft and drug taking’: Inside the Medic ball that descended into chaos

Revealed: Almost half of Durham students are Oxbridge rejects

Nottingham Uni announces plans to repurpose unused buildings to house Ukrainian refugees

• Send links to three Tab stories you’ve written that you’re the most proud of and in a sentence tell us why

• Tell us, in 100 words, what you as an intern would bring to The Tab

Please tell us your name and which university Tab you write for in the subject line, and in your email tell us the dates in May, July, August and September you are available.

Applications close at 11.59pm Sunday 24th April.

Internships will take place remotely.

We will take into consideration everyone who sends in an application, but due to demand we can’t take on everyone. Priority will be given to those who haven’t done this programme or similar with us before.