Why am I now suddenly team Daya Betty to win Drag Race? Because she *deserves* it

Chaos reigns, so put a crown on it!

If I could go back in time, guys, I would. Back to the weeks where I thought Daya Betty was a through and through RuPaul’s Drag Race villainess. I loved to hate the bitter Betty that was practically exploding into a fiery fit of rage every time Jasmine Kennedie had the misfortune of so much as breathing in her direction. As we approach the finale, the competitive, ruthless and unforgiving Daya Bolical has emerged as not only a worthy member of the top five queens of season 14, but she’s not the queen that I’d most like to see RuPaul put a crown on that tall head. So how the bloody hell did we end up here? Here’s why Daya Betty should become the most unexpected winner in RuPaul’s Drag Race herstory and make season 14 one of the most unpredictable ever!

She literally got eliminated on her first episode

If we want to talk about growth, look no further than the Drag Race journey Daya Betty has been on through season 14. Every time we have had a queen return to the competition historically, they never go particularly far. Most have an extra few episodes at best – even this season’s Orion Story only managed to get an extra few episodes after returning at the same time as Daya. But Daya Betty returned to the competition with an unshakeable energy. She returned a determined competitor, with inventive looks. She was never her own worst enemy – never once listened to the infamous inner saboteur.

It’s this kind of focus and drive that has lead Daya Betty to slowly excel in the competition. Even when she got jealous, or got bitter, it never impacted her performance or motivation in challenges. That’s what makes a great winner.

She broke out of the Crystal Methyd comparisons

It’s clear that Daya Betty and Crystal Methyd are from the same drag family – the sisterly resemblance is real with the way they both paint. The judges and fans were comparing the queens from the start of the season, a fact which clearly frustrated Daya greatly. As it is wan to do – Crystal was extremely well received on her season and became an instant fan fave, with many iconic Drag Race moments under her belt. Daya has worked so hard across the season to prove she’s not some pound shop Crystal Methyd, but a worthy finalist in her own right.

Crystal lacks the precision of Daya, and Daya lacks the chaotic endearing vibes that Crystal has in spade loads. Daya is much more considered in performance and less of a free hippy spirit. More punk rock and less clowny – there’s place for both of their art, and it’s in the finals of their respective seasons!

Her runways have been iconic

Daya has turned something different every single week – which is more than can be said for some of her competitors in the final, all tea all shade. The butterfly look? Inspired. The 00s vibes for the lip sync? Wow. The punky tutu and the mirrored goth look with the KISS inspired face? Yep! The music video look and then the burnt haute couture final extravaganza look in the same week? A collapse. She kills it every time and always brings a unique edge to it.

The TV she has given us? Perfection

Nearly every iconic moment of season 14 has centred around Daya. She’s brought the drama, the challenges, the lip syncs and Kornbread calling her Daya Betica. The season would not have been the same without her!

She ate a dead bug in the name of entertainment


To conclude, she’s the breath of fresh air Drag Race storylines have needed

We talk a lot about what kind of edit queens on Drag Race get. There’s villain edits, underdog edits, “professional” edits – but we’ve never seen one like Daya’s before. In fact, all of the top five queens this season have had some degree of unpredictability with the edit they’ve got and the trajectory they’ve all been on, which has made this season harder to predict than ever.

I want Daya Betty to win not only because it would be the most rogue victory in Drag Race history, but because she’s fought for it and deserves it. She didn’t enter this season a fan favourite, but she’s finishing it one. She’s overcome the odds, solidified herself as an underdog and proved exactly why she came back to the competition. And she did it all in 11 inch heels. I’m a Daya Betty die hard fan – CROWN IT

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