Right – where is the inescapable ‘bad b*tch genre’ TikTok audio actually from?

Nobody who has used this sound is a bad b*tch sorry

The sound that has completely and utterly taken over the TikTok For You Page right now is “I’m sorry, not everybody fits in the bad bitch genre – it’s a genre, not everybody fits on the roster”. It is truly and utterly inescapable, and what makes matters even worse is that not a single soul who’s using it is anything remotely close to a bad bitch. I can only take so much of watching Lucinda from Love Island at Coachella declare herself a bad bitch before I simply need to volley my iPhone into the plunging depths of the Thames. Anyway, it’s here, we can’t avoid it – so we might as well look into where the “not everybody fits in the bad bitch genre” TikTok sound actually comes from originally.

It’s not from a TV show or anything, it originated on TikTok

@savannahhannah_IM SAH-REE♬ Janrah – $avannah Hannah

“I’m sorry, not everybody fits in the bad bitch genre” came from TikTok itself – no funny quoting from TV shows going on here, just original content. The original video was posted mid March by @savannahhannah_ on TikTok, seemingly for very little purpose other than for some daft content. The comment section is quite savage, with comments such as “I can’t listen to this”, “Can’t wait for this sound to be forgotten about”, “This makes me so mad and I don’t know why” and my personal fave: “U sound like Harley Quinn but also Lois Griffin”.

What are people using the ‘bad bitch genre’ TikTok audio for?

Good question – why can’t it sink back beneath the internet sea into obscurity? Who knows. People are using it when they’re feeling like a baddie – to very mixed results. Here are some examples of the sound in action:

@iamoliviaponton @livvy @Revolve ♬ Janrah – $avannah Hannah

@iamoliviapontonwell♬ Janrah – $avannah Hannah

@lucindaWhen in Chella .. 🧚‍♂️💗🫶🏼🎀🌴♬ Janrah – $avannah Hannah

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