PSA: Pure Pizza is giving away a free pizza to everyone in Edinburgh this January

The act of kindness is apparently going to cost the Pure Pizza owner £12k

The owner of Pure Pizza in Morningside is offering a free pizza to everyone in Edinburgh as an act of ‘altruism’ during the cost of living crisis.

To get your free pizza all you have to do is visit Pure this January, although the offer isn’t available between 5:30 and 8:30pm. You’ll also need to give a valid mobile number.

Owner Mark Wilkinson is a well-known figure on the Edinburgh University campus, where he’s often out promoting Pure Pizza. He estimates that the free pizza offer will cost him about £12,000.

According to Mark, his ovens can make 18 pizzas every six minutes, but he hopes the idea “doesn’t get out of hand”.

Speaking to BBC Scotland, Mark said: “I’m very happy with my plan because it’s a win, win, win for everyone.

“The customers benefit, the suppliers benefit and my team of chefs benefit as it gives them more hours of work.

“I keep hearing about how the cost of living is affecting so many people and I just thought that my ovens are running all day anyway, so they may as well be working at full capacity all day if it helps people.