Giant ‘slug’ seen crawling across Swansea Uni campus as Doctor Who films in Wales

Be alert while roaming the city, you never know what you might run into

Students and visitors to Swansea University were in for a shock yesterday as an alien like creature which resembled a huge slug was seen crawling through its Swansea Bay campus.

The creature is a part of the Doctor Who universe as the show filmed for its latest season in South Wales. A picture of the creature was uploaded to Twitter by a Doctor Who fan account with the caption: “A mysterious alien creature, being nicknamed ‘Slug Creature’ by fans, has been spotted on set.”

The Doctor Who team was also seen shooting at the Cardiff Capitol building in the city centre. as tweeted by an onlooker who said: “There is filming going on in the Capitol Shopping Centre, Cardiff. They’ve turned the old Boots into a ‘Campaign Office’ & inside the centre looks like it’s being used as the unit base. I don’t recognise the actor playing the candidate.”

The campaign headquarters setup included large posters and bills advertising an organisation named Albion and a candidate named Roger Ap Gwilliam. Posters with slogans such as “Bigger Better Bolder Britain” and “Vote for Gwilliam” were seen. In the replies to the tweet, people mention how the images posted of Roger Ap Gwilliam are of famous Welsh actor Aneurin Barnard who represents the political party called Albion in the series.

Wales’s film sector is thriving following another record-breaking year. According to Creative Wales, 22 projects have received a total of £14.2 million in production financing since 2020. Film and television crews looking to use the nation’s production resources have sent over 900 production inquiries to Wales Screen, Creative Wales’ location service, just in the previous two years. Since the beginning of December, Ncuti Gatwa, the new doctor, and Millie Gibson, his assistant, have been spotted together in Cardiff Bay filming the venerable BBC series.