Ride Safe to provide free sanitary products in all its Cardiff taxis

The company is ‘aiming to help women in any way [it] can’

Ride Safe, a new taxi-hailing app in Cardiff, has partnered with Asda to provide free sanitary products in their taxis. 

Ride Safe is a taxi company that allows users to choose the gender of their driver, as well as letting drivers choose the gender of their passengers too. It was launched in Cardiff and Bridgend last month and has plans to be launched in Los Angeles in the near future.

The new initiative will see all Ride Safe drivers providing sanitary products including pads and tampons in the back of their taxis so that passengers may take them as and when they need them.

Ben Cole Edwards, CEO of Ride Safe told The Cardiff Tab that the company had received a mixed response with customers praising the initiative but negative feedback coming solely from male taxi drivers. He said those that had made negative comments said things such as: “Everyone pays for toilet paper but only women pay for sanitary products” and that the taxi trade “has gone mad”. However, no taxi drivers working for Ride Safe made negative comments about the initiative.

Ben also continued to say: “We’re aiming to help women in ways that no one else is. The Welsh Government aims to provide free sanitary products by 2026 so we’re all just getting ahead of the game a little. We’ve had so much support, especially from females since we’ve announced the free sanitary towels partnership with Asda.”

He finally noted that when taxi drivers run out of sanitary products, they only have to notify Ride Safe and they will be replenished as soon as possible.

Feature Picture Credit: Ben Cole-Edwards

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