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Cardiff Uni student has thumb nearly cut off by ice skate in Winter Wonderland accident

‘There was blood literally everywhere’

CW: Images of blood

A Cardiff University student had to go to hospital after her thumb was cut open on the ice rink at Winter Wonderland.

Third year biomedical sciences student Eloise Clyle was ice skating with her friends in the Cardiff Castle Winter Wonderland ice skating rink but ended up in an accident after falling on the ice.

Eloise said: “I was skating with my friend Annabel, who was pretty shit at skating, and our other friend Polly.”

As they were exiting the ice, Eloise was holding Annabel’s hand as she slipped, brining Eloise down with her. They both fell backwards and as Annabel’s skate went in the air it sliced Eloise’s thumb.

Eloise said: “It didn’t get sliced off but the cut was really deep. I didn’t realise it had happened until I saw the blood dripping on the ice.”

Annabel described how neither knew what had happened until they saw the blood on the ice, which later had to be scrubbed off by staff.  Annabel said at this point: “We were all pissing ourselves”.

The girls went to the medical team who cleaned up the wound and managed to stop it from bleeding. Whilst being treated in the first aid area, they found out their first aider was the mother of Cam from season two of Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle.

After being treated by Cam’s mum, Eloise went to hospital as the amount of blood had worried her, but she did not need stitches in the end.

“My thumb is fine now and still attached to my hand but I’ll have a big scar for sure”, Eloise said.

Annabel finished by saying: “We are still besties.”

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