A look inside the insanely vibey and stunning Instagrams of the Ginny and Georgia cast

Brb just liking all 492 photos on Nathan Mitchell’s Instagram page

Season two of Ginny and Georgia has dropped on Netflix and everyone has become obsessed with the cast all over again. After over a year of waiting for another Ginny and Georgia fix, fans of the show have probably forgotten how invested they became in the lives of the actors outside of the show. Whether you’re a Georgia sympathiser or have a soft spot for Max, there is no doubt about wanting to be best friends with all of the cast. Here are all the Instagrams of the Ginny and Georgia cast.

Brianne Howey – Georgia Miller

Handle: @briannahowey

Followers: 1.5 million

via Instagram @briannehowey

33-year-old Brianne Howey portrays Georgia Miller in the Netflix series and has a huge following of 1.5 million followers on her Instagram. On her feed, Brianne has over 1,000 posts in which she shares behind the scene pics of Ginny and Georgia, as well as trips abroad with her friends and husband.

via Instagram @briannehowey

Brianne got married to her fiancé Matt Ziering in July 2021 after their wedding photos are the most wholesome thing ever. Brianne is also a big reader and posts photos of what books she has got her nose in.

Antonia Gentry – Ginny Miller

Handle: @_antoniagentry_

Followers: 1.9 million

via Instagram @_antoniagentry_

Sure Ginny Miller may be annoying but there’s no doubt that you’d want to be Antonia’s best pal, especially if her Instagram is anything to go by. Antonia may only have 79 posts on her Instagram but there is some true gold on her food. From selfies to pictures with friends and photoshoots, Antonia’s Instagram truly has it all.

Tameka Griffiths – Bracia

Handle: @thetamekanicole

Followers: 8,200

via Instagram @thetamekanicole

Tameka stars as Bracia in Ginny and Georgia and her Instagram is a massive vibe. From posting selfies to gorgeous holiday pictures abroad, Tameka is definitely the friend you’d want to get the best photo angles for your feed. Tameka also posts a number of quotes on her Instagram page as well as cool behind the scenes snaps on her story.

Felix Mallard – Marcus

Handle: @itsfelixwhat

Handle: @itsfelixwhat

Who am I kidding? You obviously already follow Felix on Instagram because let’s be honest, who wouldn’t? The Australian actor has the most followers out of all the cast, with 2.7 millions followers. Felix is a big fan of photography and dressing with the utmost style and his feed pays homage to that.

Sara Waisglass – Maxine

Handle: @sarawais

Followers: 1.5 million

via Instagram @sarawais

Love Max or hate Max, you’ll love Sara Waisglass. Sara shares the most wholesome selfies of her and the rest of her cast to her Instagram and honestly it’s the best homage to Ginny and Georgia you’ll ever see. Sara always shares her love for Antonia Gentry in a number of photos and honestly, get these two a spin-off!

Katie Douglas – Abbie

Handle: @katiedouglas98

Followers: 710k

via Instagram @katiedouglas98

Katie Douglas portrays Abbie in Ginny and Georgia. Her Instagram is full of vibey film camera pictures as well as selfies of her and her Ginny and Georgia co-stars.

Chelsea Clark – Norah

Handle: @chelsseaclark

Followers: 317k

via Instagram @chelsseaclark

Chelsea Clark is just as wholesome as Norah. Her Instagram is full of film camera photos and travelling pics. If we’re being honest, her Instagram is what we all aspire ours to look like. A clean aesthetic and good vibes!

Nathan Mitchell – Zion

Handle: @itsnatemitchell

Followers: 251k

via Instagram @itsnatemitchell

All hail King Zion and even more so King Nathan Mitchell. His Instagram is full of press pictures from his other TV show The Boys as well as behind the scene photos of Ginny and Georgia. Brb just liking all 492 of his photos.

Mason Temple – Hunter

Handle: @theemptylife

Followers: 268k

via Instagram @theemptylife

Hunter may be the cringiest character to ever grace Netflix, but Mason is worlds away. Mason’s Instagram is full of cute snaps with him and his dog as well as his skateboarding antics. Mason also dabbled in the world of film cameras like everyone his age and has a feed full of vibey travel pictures.

Season two of Ginny and Georgia is available to watch on Netflix now. For all the latest Netflix news, drops and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook. 

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