Someone has created a website noting each place Paul Breach has been seen and it’s strange

Paul was recently recorded being escorted into a police van

Someone has created a website dedicated to sightings of popular TikToker Paul Breach and honestly, it’s really strange. Breach is all anyone has been talking about, with no one being able to scroll more than three videos without one of his TikToks popping up. The TikToker rose to fame on the app after creating a song about Jack Grealish during the Euros in 2021, as well as for his dance to George Ezra’s Green Green Grass. Paul’s TikTok account was recently deleted but he has since created a new one.

There are a number of videos on TikTok called Paul Breach sightings in which users post videos of Paul, whether he has been spotted in a shopping centre, a pub or even if they are able to get a selfie with him. However, someone has gone an entire step further and has put all the sightings in one place on a map.

The map has pinpoints in places all over the UK attached with TikToks of where he was seen, called “confirmed sightings”.

Paul was recently spotted going into a police van with a fish and chips in his hand. Paul Breach explained his side of the story in a TikTok live. He said: “I didn’t want to have to ring the police to pick me up from a pub because you lot surround the pub, back and front. I mean, who does that? Who does that? I only wanted to get some fish and chips. I’m not in jail, I’ve not been arrested – again, I’ve done nothing wrong. Believe what you want to believe on the internet.”

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