Here’s what the forgotten but cherished Islanders from the past eight years are up to now

I can’t believe how different Charlie Frederick looks now

Love Island has been around for eight years and across that time, there have been over 300 Islanders who have walked through the halls of the famed villa. Out of all the Islanders each season, only one couple can win and only a select amount of Islanders stay in the minds of fans. However, there are a select few Islanders that slip from people’s minds every now and again but still made a splash when they were on the show and deserve to be remembered. So if you’re struggling to think of some top tier Islanders who didn’t have the best luck in the villa, this is what all the forgotten about Love Islanders are up to now:

Alex Beattie

via Instagram @alex.beattie

Alex Beattie entered the villa as a Casa Amor bombshell in 2017. He partnered up with Montana before they quickly split up just weeks after leaving the show together. It’s been over five years since Alex was in the villa and he has been up to a lot since then. He is still modelling as he was before he went on the show and is now and online coach at the Achievable Academy. Alex has been helping people achieve their transformation goals and shares exercise routines on his Instagram page.

Alex is also in a relationship with fitness coach Caroline O Mahony. Caroline owns her own coaching and fitness company and she is stunning. Her Instagram is full of gorgeous selfies and gym shots.

via Instagram @alex.beattie

Tyne-Lexy Clarson

via Instagram @tyne_lexy_clarson

Tyne-Lexy was a bombshell in the third season of Love Island and she has since gone on to pursue her acting career. Tyne-Lexy studied drama at Birmingham City University and was just 20 when she went into the villa. According to her acting Instagram page, she starred in theatre productions such as Trelawny of the Wells and Little Women.

The former Islander keeps her followers up to date with fancy locations she goes to on holiday including Barcelona, Bodrum and Didim. Tyne-Lexy also founded Raffleaid Competitions which is the “leading prize site in the West Midlands”. Tyne-Lexy is also currently in the ITV2 series Buffering, as Amber.

via Instagram @tyne_lexy_clarson

Harley Judge

via Instagram @harley_judge

Harley Judge was only in the villa for a few days but he is still in our hearts. Harley has had a major transformation since 2017 and is now an international physique coach. Harley has gained 30kg in muscle after deciding to take on bodybuilding and he looks incredibly different from how fans remember him when he was on our screens.

Harley owns an online coaching service but his bodybuilding girlfriend, Lauren Brown. Lauren often shares photos of her clients on her Instagram page as well as her own bodybuilding journey, with the occasional wholesome photo with Harley.

via Instagram @harley_judge

Chloe Crowhurst

via Instagram @chloecrowhurstx

Chloe Crowhurst was an OG Islander in season three and she recently gave birth to her first child. Nowadays, Chloe posts fashion, lifestyle and beauty content on her Instagram page as well as giving her followers and insight into life as a new mum. Chloe had her child with video creator David Houghton who has done video and photoshoots for hair and makeup companies.

Paul Knops

via Instagram @paulknopsie

Paul Knops was on the fourth season of Love Island and although he left the villa with Laura Anderson, their romance was short lived. Paul still models as he did before he went into the villa and he has been travelling the world and sharing his travels with his Instagram followers. His most recent trip was to Nevada at the Burning Man event.

Charlie Frederick

via Instagram @charliefrederick_

If there’s one thing about Islanders, it’s that they are going to become an online coach. Charlie, you guessed it, is now and online personal coach helping people maintain their body confidence and offers 1-2-1 coaching to help people get their “dream physique”. Charlie looks worlds apart from how he did when he was on Love Island.

Charlie is currently in a relationship with Natalie Clowes and they are the most gorgeous couple EVER. Natalie’s Instagram is a massive vibe and she often posts selfies and pictures of her and Charlie as well as an insight into her travels. Some truly amazing places she has travelled to include Japan and Bali.

via Instagram @charliefrederick_

Harley Brash

via Instagram @harley_brash

Harley Brash didn’t have the best luck in the Love Island villa and wasn’t even on the show for very long back in 2019. Harley keeps her fans up to date with what he is up to in her day-to-day life and her Instagram is full of stunning pictures of her on holiday, at fancy restaurants and her just truly living her best life. Her Instagram is the definition of clean girl aesthetic.

Callum Macleod

via Instagram @charlie_macleod

Callum Macleod was on Love Island for a matter of days and hardly anyone remembers he was initially coupled up with Amber Gill on their first day in the villa. Callum’s jobs include being a fashion model and aircraft engineer according to his Instagram bio and his feed mainly shows him modelling as well as on holiday with his stunning fiance. Callum is currently engaged to a woman called Jade and they both have an Instagram account for their first home together which they bought back in June 2022.

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