These are officially the British private schools that get the most Oxbridge offers

For if you’ve got a spare £30 grand

The school whose students got the most Oxbridge offers charges fees of over £32,000 per year and has its own shooting range.

How many offers Oxford and Cambridge universities gave to students from different schools in 2021 has been revealed by The Telegraph – because who else would it be?

At the top of the list overall is Westminster School in London, which is right next to the Houses of Parliament (no biggie) and costs over £32,000 per year in sixth form fees. Its students got 79 offers from Oxford and Cambridge in 2021, with a 40 per cent success rate. The school has its own shooting range and also offers rowing and fencing. Totally normal.

There are of course also state, grammar and international schools with huge amounts of Oxbridge offers on the list, but loads of them are private schools.

The next private school was Perse in Cambridge, which got 48 offers (with a 35 per cent success rate) and where pupils pay almost £20,000 a year. And in third place was Eton, where Boris Johnson and both Prince William and Harry went and which charges over £46,000 in yearly fees. Eton had a 24 per cent success rate with 47 Oxbridge offers.

Rounding out the top five private schools are St Paul’s Girl’s and St Paul’s, both in west London. St Paul’s Girl’s had a 47 per cent acceptance rate with 46 offers, and charges almost £28,000 per year. And boy’s school St Paul’s, which also charges almost £28,000, had 40 offers and a 26 per cent success rate.

These top private schools got over 20 Oxbridge offers, here are them all ranked:

1. Westminster School – 79 offers

2. The Perse School – 48 offers

3. Eton College – 47 offers

4. St Paul’s Girl’s School – 46 offers

5. St Paul’s, London – 40 offers

6. Magdalen College School, Oxford – 32 offers

7. Sevenoaks School – 31 offers

7. City of London School – 31 offers

9. Highgate School – 28 offers

9. Brighton College – 28 offers

11. King’s College School – 26 offers

12. North London Collegiate School – 24 offers

13. Manchester Grammar School – 23 offers

14. Tonbridge School – 22 offers

15. Winchester College – 20 offers

15. Latymer Upper School – 20 offers

15. Guildford High School – 2o offers

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