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Married at First Sight UK’s Jess is selling her wedding dress for £2.5k so she can ‘move on’

Jess said she didn’t enjoy ‘one second’ of her wedding day on the show

Married at First Sight UK 2022 cast member Jess Potter has revealed she is selling her wedding dress in a bid to “move on” after the reality TV series. Jess is selling her dress for £2,500 on Facebook after being paired up with Pjay Finch on the show. Pjay and Jess didn’t go the distance as they chose to leave the experiment early on in the latest series.

MAFS UK  star Jess has decided to sell the Sophia Tolli wedding dress “because of the memories it brings up.” The MAFS UK star advertised the “fit and flare” dress for £1,000 less than what she bought it for on the show. Jess said: “I paid £3,5000 for the dress and at the end of the day, it doesn’t exactly have any good memories.

MAFS UK Jess wedding dress

via Channel 4

“I just feel like the whole wedding and whole show made me feel like I was completely set up for entertainment. Maybe others are keeping their dresses as memories of Married at First Sight. But I didn’t enjoy one second and just want it out of my house.” Jess has said she and Pjay no longer have any contact and she has even blocked him on social media despite having a “really good relationship during the show.”

The dental hygienist went on the series looking to settle down but she said she was given “everything” she “didn’t ask for”. The MAFS UK contestant Jess has put the wedding dress for sale on Facebook as well as selling apps “just to get rid of it” and admitted that putting the TV series in the advert hasn’t given it a lot of attention.

via SWNS

She said: “Mentioning the show in the advert hasn’t bought it loads of attention, people probably think it’s a cursed dress and want to avoid it. You never know – there might be a fan of Dreamboys and think it’s one step closer to reaching them.”

Jess is currently in a new relationship since leaving the show and is hoping to get her own princess wedding. “I would go for something completely different for my wedding [dress], something a bit more princess-y. I hope it’s soon, I’ve got my fingers crossed for my boyfriend to propose to me this year, I’m manifesting it,” she said.

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