Stop what you’re doing, Notts grad on The Apprentice has come out with another rap and it slaps

Someone get this guy a record deal

The second episode of the Apprentice aired last night and recent Nottingham grad, Avi Sharma has once again turned the events of the episode into song.

After turning the first’s weeks episode into a rap, 24-year-old Avi, the youngest candidate in this year’s series, has once again come up with an amazing tune detailing the events of the second task.

The new song was posted to his Instagram and TikTok page after the show aired last night.

It contained some pretty iconic lines such as: “Day one it was my turn to cook, the PM was hella bossy, even Gordon would be shook”, “We had to make 200 which was causing a rift” and “The kitchen ain’t my forte, I’ll be the first to admit.”

Avi describes his first experience being brought back into the boardroom saying: “Fast forward to the boardroom, and the trauma begins. Had no clue why Bradley brought me in. Defended my case opposite Karen and Tim. I thought I’d feel pressure but I did’nt feel a thing. And Kevin got fired, I guess that I was spared”

With catchy lyrics, a great beat and flashy visuals, it is definitely a certified bop, watch for yourself below:

Let’s see what he comes up with next week.

Featured images via BBC iPlayer and @avitv_ on TikTok.

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