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Aberystwyth University ranked one of the most affordable unis for students in the UK

It was the only Welsh uni to make the top 15

Aberystwyth University has been ranked the fifth most affordable university for students in the UK in a study by Credit Summit.

As the only Welsh university to make the list, Aberystwyth boasts more affordable accommodation and fees as well as having a good availability of loans and scholarships for their students.

The study not only looked at fees and accommodation but also average food, rent and utilities costs, calculated by a PhD qualified data analyst to work out the top most affordable places for students in the UK.

The university that tops the UK list is Birmingham Uni, suggesting students that study here come away with the least amount of debt, closely followed by Leeds Uni.

Aberystwyth is the only Welsh city top make the list, which only acknowledges the 15 most affordable universities, granting Oxford University this 15th spot.

The study, by Credit Summit, also investigates the “UK’s safest cities” where once again Aberystwyth is the only Welsh city to make the cut, ranking sixth with a crime level of 33.51.

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