Cardiff named as one of the UK’s top 10 coolest cities to live in

Not that we needed telling

Drawing humbling praise for its quaint shops and eateries, Cardiff has been acknowledged by popular American travel site Nomads Nation as among the UK’s top 10 “coolest cities” to live in.

The capital city, which is listed alongside other cities such as Belfast, Portsmouth and Exeter, is the only Welsh city to make the list.

Cardiff has been described as a perfect place to “soak up that quintessential Welsh atmosphere of friendly and easy-going,” and was commended for its instantly recognisable Victorian shopping arcades and variety of eateries. Mermaid Quay and Cardiff Bay also received particular compliments, being credited for their “great atmosphere,” whilst Canton came highly recommended for those who are interested in the arts.

The city has also received praise for the affordability of living, compared to other cities in the United Kingdom, as well as the plentiful array of parks such as Bute and Roath. However, readers of the blog were given a brief warning about the “annoying” traffic in the historic Welsh city, and were made aware of Cardiff’s comparatively small size alongside other capitals in the UK.

Nomads Nation, who attribute their travel documentation to “a search for authenticity,” have ranked Wales’ “warm and welcoming” capital at in 10th place, meaning it only just made the shortlist. Nonetheless, with a choice from 76 recognised cities, Cardiff’s place in the top ten ranking speaks well of the city’s facilities, culture and community. Some may be surprised to learn that the frequently-visited Liverpool, Leeds and Newcastle have missed out on a place in the top 10, despite their thriving night-life and large city centres. London, perhaps unsurprisingly, was ranked as the best, followed by naval Portsmouth and then super LGBT-friendly Brighton.

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