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A UWE student has developed a test to reveal if your drink has been spiked

All you need to do the test is take a photo of your drink using an app on your phone

At the University of the West of England, forensic science student, Anselmo Procida, has created a test to detect when date rape drugs have been put in drinks.

All you need to do the test is take a photo of your drink using an app on your phone. The app can check for the inclusion of the drug GHB by analysing the colour of your drink.

If the app detects a particular concentration of purple then it indicates that the drink is likely to contain the drug.

GHB is a Class B drug and one of the most commonly used drugs used to spike drinks. Side effects of GHB can include drowsiness, amnesia and impaired movement and speech, as well as more serious symptoms of agitation, unconsciousness and respiratory collapse.

Credit: Unsplash

Anselmo developed this test with the help of his lecturer, Dr Kevin Honeychurch, as part of his final-year project. The pair hope that it will be used by the police and in hospitals.

Nationally there were nearly 5,000 suspected cases of spiking in 2022 and police currently rely on urine or blood tests to prove if an offence has taken place.

There was a surge in spiking around the UK in November 2022. At the heart of the response was a campaign called “Girls Night in” which organised and executed the boycott of hundreds of nightclubs across the UK, in an attempt for greater safety protocols and an increased awareness around spiking.

A year on since the spiking epidemic The Bristol Tab asked Bristol students if they believe anything has changed. One revealed: “Holding my hand over my drink is just second nature now”. It sounds like this app can’t be available soon enough.