Notts student on 24 Hours in A&E after tripping over in uni library and hitting her head on desk

Phoebe sustained minor injuries and made a full recovery

A Nottingham student appeared on Channel 4’s 24 Hours in A&E after tripping over in a university library and hitting her head on a desk.

23-year-old Phoebe appeared in the most recent episode of 24 Hours in A&E, when she attended Queens Medical Centre as a result of sustaining injuries after her accident.

Phoebe described how she tripped and fell whilst walking through her university library on campus. After hitting her head on a desk as she fell, Phoebe suffered from several small cuts as well as bruising and some inflammation to her nose.

During the episode, we see Phoebe in the waiting room with her boyfriend, Matt who is also a student in Nottingham.

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The couple explained how they met in their first year of university as they both attend the same church and are apart of the Christian Union. They became closer throughout their second year of university, when Matt was the one who eventually made the first move and asked to make things official.

Phoebe talked about her struggles at university such as being away from her family and dealing with anxiety, which sometimes manifested itself as physical illnesses.

After being seen by a nurse practitioner, Phoebe was sent to get a facial X-ray to make sure there were no breaks in her nose. Her results came back clear and after having the wound cleaned and bandaged she was able to leave the hospital.

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